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Fabric Drawing

The most important and frequently used media in my work is fabric. I’m interested in visual aspects that come from the act of seeing. Fabric has been chosen as the medium not to make a narrative or conceptualize personal life but to express my artistic interest. Fabric Drawing is literally a painting that is drawn with fabric. Visual effects are minimized and a pure expression of fabric constitutes the artwork. In other words, I make paintings by using texture, color, and patterns of fabric, seeking new possibilities of visual effects in the painting genre.

* This mark 'Ⓢ' indicates that it has been sold.

Fabric Drawing-Line of dimension,181.8x227.3cm,fabrics,colored stripes,frame,2015

Fabric Drawing-Line of dimension,detail cut,2015

Fabric Drawing-Line of dimension I,가변설치,striped fabric.frame,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-Line of dimension I,Detail cut,2015

Fabric Drawing-The composition I,110x330cm,fabric.colored stripes,frame,2015

ⓈThe composition II,110x330cm,fabric.colored stripes,frame,2015

Fabric Drawing-Out of Box,162.3x80.3cm,fabric.frame,2015

Fabric Drawing-Out of Box,detail cut,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-A striped harmony,162.2x130.3cm,fabric.frame,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-A striped harmony,fabric,frame.162.2x130.3cm,2015(side cut)

ⓈFabric Drawing-Stripes.symmetry I,193.9x130.3cm,abric.frame,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-Stripes.symmetry II,162.2x130cm,fabric.frame,2015

Fabric Drawing-Line Fantasy II,fabric.frame,145.5x112.1cm,2015

Fabric Drawing-Line Fantasy I,fabric.frame,145.5x112.1cm,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-untitled,124x162cm,fabric.colored stripes.frame,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-Plane and Space,162.2x260cm,fabric.frame,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-untitled II,fabric.frame,162.2x130cm,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-untitled III,fabric.frame,162.2x130cm,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-stripes II,fabric. frame,162.2x130cm,2015

ⓈFabric Drawing-untitled I,fabric.frame,162.2x130cm,2015

Ⓢuntitled, striped clothes. frame, 90.0x72.7cm, 2014

Ⓢuntitled, striped clothes. frame, 90.0x72.7cm, 2014

Ⓢuntitled, striped clothes. frame, 90.0x72.7cm, 2014

Ⓢuntitled, striped clothes. frame, 90.0x72.7cm, 2014

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